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If you decide that an English Setter is for you, careful consideration is needed about where you buy a puppy from. First and foremost……..always buy from a recognised breeder. Never buy from a pet shop, on-line, through a third party, or from a kennel which advertises lots of different breeds ‘puppy farmers’ for sale.

A reputable breeder will always ask questions about you, your family, your home, your reasons for wanting an English Setter, etc. The breeder will be attempting to ensure that you have a suitable environment for the puppy which he or she has carefully bred. The dog’s welfare is central to these enquiries. If you’re not prepared to answer such personal questions, then you’re probably not the right person to own one of these puppies.

A reputable breeder will be prepared to show you the mother of the puppies and other adults in their kennel….so that you can get a fair impression about the temperament and structure of their other dogs. Some of these may be related to the puppy which you are viewing. The breeder will also be willing to talk openly about health issues in the breed and the actions they have taken to ensure that their stock is as healthy as possible.       

With less than 300 puppies per year being registered with the Kennel Club there are not large numbers of English Setter puppies around. In fact English Setters are now classified as being a UK native vulnerable breed! When looking to purchase a puppy it is always advisable to plan well in advance and often it is best to put your name down with a reputable breeder before the puppies are born.

To help you find a reputable English Setter breeder / puppy we would recommend using the following links;

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Disclaimer: The Northern English Setter Society by offering the details of the whereabouts of puppies does not in any way offer a guarantee as to the soundness and health of any puppy and do not accept responsibility arising from subsequent sales.